What Have We Been Up To?

We’ve been working NONSTOP at MAX ATVs to bring back the MAX 2 in January! Here are some recent updates:
1. The corporate name change of our public company has been approved by FINRA (previously Planet Resource Recovery Inc, and now changed to Recreatives Industries, Inc.) Our stock symbol is also changing and will be announced within the next 3 weeks.
2. We have officially updated the MAX logo for the first time since 1969!
3. Yesterday morning two intake duct samples were molded for us to approve before signing off for production!
4. Our second internal muffler sample arrived from our supplier. We have released it into production, and we will have 100 mufflers in stock in December!
5. We finalized the design for custom Tachometer and GPS Speedometer gauges, which will be included on every new 2024 MAX 2!
6. 50 vehicles worth of new seat cushions have arrived. Our new seat bottom is 1″ thicker.
7. We have improved the T20 transmission! We have remade all of the tooling and are now producing all internal parts (ring gear, carrier drum, etc) from a stronger grade of steel, and they are machined from billet rather than from castings! All T20 components were ordered in early September and will arrive by mid-December!
8. 50 new Vanguard 23hp EFI engines have been ordered!
9. 300 axles, sprockets, etc have been ordered to build 50 MAX 2 vehicles. We also have new axles on order for MAX 4 and Buffalo models!
10. We have ordered enough bearings to build 100 MAX 2 vehicles!
11. We have 50 MAX 2 chassis on order along with all of the components to bolt onto the chassis! All of this is scheduled to arrive by late November!
12. As of yesterday 10/25/23, our plastic supplier began making plastic sheets for 80 MAX 2 vehicles in our custom green and blue colors along with black for the bodies. Bodies will be molded at the vacuum former during the second week of November!
13. We are finalizing an updated windshield design for the MAX 2. our first sample arrives next week. Once we kick off the MAX 2 in January, we will remake MAX 4 and Buffalo windshields!
13. New tooling was made for the fuel tank to match the original specs. New fuel tanks will be in stock along with intake ducts by end of November!
14. We approved the custom wheels designed for MAX and tires that we received a couple months ago, and we have 300 new wheel/tire sets arriving in December!
15. We ordered 2,100 new track guides in August, and these will arrive in November. Rubber track has also been ordered and will be in production next week!
And there is more than what’s on the list! We are hoping to have 2-3 MAX 2 vehicles built before Christmas and kick off full production on January 2nd. Stay tuned for more updates!
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