We Have Officially Started Molding MAX 2 Plastic Bodies!

We have been waiting for this day for many years (even prior to our company acquiring MAX in November 2021). The MAX 2 upper body, lower body, and footwell molds were all tested to confirm that the internal cooling lines were still watertight and that the molds are in useable condition.

These molds are extremely heavy – the upper body and lower body molds are made of aluminum, and they each weigh over 2,000 pounds. We had to modify the attachment on the lower body mold so it would fit their machine.

We ran samples of footwells, lower bodies, and then upper bodies on November 8th-9th. We plan to continue fine-tuning the machinery’s settings toward the end of November and then mold some bodies for new vehicles.

Here’s a video on how MAX’s bodies are formed:


A lower body is formed over our mold (above)

A molded lower body, which will be trimmed in our Florida factory (above)

Our first run of five blue lower bodies (above)

Our third attempt at a blue upper body sitting on a black lower body. This blue upper body is a blem (above)


We are getting closer to our goal of building a few new MAX vehicles before Christmas. Check back soon to see some more exciting updates!

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