MAX – the Original 6-Wheel Drive Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle

Made in the USA

Long before there were four-wheel all-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles, the off-road world was dominated by amphibious, six-wheel drive machines – the first true ATVs! MAX ATVs have been out there, crawling through and over just about anything in their path, since 1969. Affordable MAX ATVs are in use in every imaginable off-road application: trail riding, hunting, fishing, farming, search & rescue, oil exploration, and numerous other industrial and recreational applications.
MAX ATVs have sold in their tens of thousands all over the World – an established American brand with half century of excellent service.

Over mud, sand, rocks, logs, snow, or even water, go where no vehicle has gone before!

MAX Range of Amphibious ATVs

We are very excited to have acquired the highly successful Recreatives Industries MAX range of 6×6 Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles (AATVs).  The MAX range of Amphibious ATVs offers a family of solutions that can meet any requirement.
Recreatives Inc. and the MAX ATV range have an excellent reputation, which extends back to the earliest days of ATV design, during which MAX ATVs established a dominant presence, they remain an important player in this market, having benefited from careful development of proven design over many years and impressive global sales.

MaxIV Drawing Section

Max Range at a Glance

The MAX range comprises the Max II (a compact two-seater with a separate load carrying space), the MAX IV with an extended chassis and body-form capable of carrying four passengers, and the Buffalo All Terrain Truck which is a rugged utility vehicle offering room for two passengers plus hydraulically tilting flat bed load-carrying capacity. 

Max II Max IV BUffalo

Smooth and Efficient Independent Drive System

At the heart of all MAX ATV is the highly capable non-differential T-20 Skid Steer Transmission system, a Borg-Warner designed transmission optimized to provide the balanced and controlled torque and traction control that is fundamental to off-road usage. This provides true six-wheel drive with efficient transfer of torque and low braking losses, which critically, is not reliant on differential slippage. Each side is independently driven – the T-20 is effectively two integrated but distinct transmission systems, one for the right side and one for the left. This enables smooth tuning, turning from a standing start and eliminates uncontrolled transfer of power from one side to the other in mud or ice or snow, thus making for far safer and more precise handling. By stopping one side while the other side drives, the MAX ATV can make a complete turn within the length of the vehicle – a zero turning radius – either in forward or reverse.

Track Kits

MAX ATVs exert less than three pounds per square inch (21 KPa) of ground pressure fully loaded compared to that of a person, which will typically be 7 pounds per square inch (55 KPa) or a 4-wheel drive Jeep at 28 pounds per square inch (193 KPa). This enables MAX to cross terrain over which it would be difficult even to walk. However, add the MAX Track Kit and ground pressure is reduced to around one pound per square inch (7 KPa), fully loaded! MAX with tracks is truly mobile all year-round on snow, mud and marsh.

Comprehensive Standard Features

Standard equipment on all MAX includes: headlights, tail-lights, the highly regarded T-20 non-differential Skid Steer Transmission, electric start, trailer hitch, steel chassis, 12 volt battery and sealed bearings. Additionally, all MAX ATVs will now be supplied with roll-over protection systems and seat belts as standard.