New Dealers

Beginning June 2022, Recreatives Inc. will begin to seek new distributors and dealers to take on our enhanced, world beating range of MAX Amphibious ATVs.  We have current opportunities for territories within the following global regions:

  • Europe – Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland
  • Africa – Angola, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa
  • Middle East – Saudi Arabia
  • Asia – Japan, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam
  • North America – United States, Canada, Mexico
  • Oceania – New Zealand
  • South America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Peru

We are looking for expressions of interest from companies with the following characteristics:

  • A Reputation for a High Quality of Service
  • A Proven Track Record in Relevant Sectors, including:
    • Recreational vehicles
    • ATVs/UTVs
    • Specialist off road vehicles
    • Snowmobiles
    • Boats
    • Tractors and agricultural equipment
    • Construction vehicles and equipment
  • A Professional Sales Approach
  • A High Standard of Vehicle Servicing Facilities
  • A Strong Business Profile in a Prime Location
  • Sales potential exceeding 10 units per year

We offer a high degree of exclusivity for sales by Region and Market Sector:

  • Agriculture/Forestry/Estate/Environmental
  • Government
  • Emergency services
  • Exploration and Mining
  • Leisure/Sporting/Tourism
  • Utilities – Power, water, telecommunications etc

To submit an inquiry about becoming a dealer or distributor, please submit your information below, providing a brief background of your company or organization and, if relevant, a link to your web site.

If interested, we will request an interview to discussing mutual suitability, market potential, target sectors and territories, support infrastructure, regional alliances and benefits.

    Which business sectors are you interested in?
    Agriculture/Forestry/Estate/EnvironmentalGovernmentEmergency servicesExploration and MiningLeisure/Sporting/TourismUtilities – Power, water, telecoms etc