2024 MAX 2

MSRP: $14,499

An energetic performer; highly responsive, tightly controlled, and fun to drive!

MAX 2 is a highly mobile six-wheel drive amphibious vehicle that can carry one or two passengers in comfort and safety and overcome water obstacles that would have to be avoided in a less capable four-wheeled ATV/UTV.

Go where no vehicle has gone before.

T-20 Skid Steer Transmission

MAX ATVs are extremely maneuverable due to their skid-steering and full-time six-wheel drive, and a crucial technical advantage MAX has over other makes of off-road vehicles, whether they are amphibious or not, is the use of the T-20 Skid Steer Transmission, originally developed by Borg-Warner.


Ultimate Traction & Flotation

With the addition of our removable all-season rubber track kit, MAX 2 will readily negotiate deep snow, soft mud, and forbidding swamps. Rubber tracks drastically lower ground pressure and ride as smoothly as tires. Rubber tracks can be used year ’round if desired.



WEIGHT (APPROX.)710 pounds
GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT1310 pounds (includes passengers, cargo & accessories
GROSS WEIGHT IN WATER1210 pounds (includes passengers, cargo & accessories)
LENGTH86 inches
WIDTH56 inches
HEIGHT37 inches
WHEELBASE50 inches
SEATING2 persons
TRANSMISSIONT-20 Skid Steer Non-Differential
DRIVE CHAIN520/530 O-ring
AXLES1-1/4 inch heavy-duty steel

Accessorize Your MAX 2

A useful range of accessories, including tracks, weatherproof tops, snow plows, and more greatly enhances the versatility and comfort of your MAX 2

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