Max Technical Features

Max 6-wheel drive amphibious all-terrain vehicles have such outstanding off-road performance that their users confidently operate them in some of the most harsh and demanding environments in the world. Tested time and again over 4 decades of extreme usage, Max ATVs have not been found wanting, we are confident in the robust and durable design of our range.

Max ATVs drive is transferred through six 1-1/4″ diameter high-strength solid-steel axles, each supported by two sealed, heavy-duty bearings bolted directly to the frame. Tough, simple, and durable, they can grind through thick brush that would tear the rubber boots off the CV joints of your typical ATV or utility vehicle, eventually ruining the joint.

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Water-obstacles are a routine challenge for off-road vehicles … depth and ground conditions will be the factors that dictate success or failure.  Crossing water or  mud carries risks beyond simply getting stuck, where unprotected components are submerged, covered in grit, washed clean of lubrication or simply damaged by unseen obstacles the future integrity of the vehicle can easily be compromised.  Conventional ATVs and UTVs are particularly vulnerable to immersion damage to parts such as bearings, bushings, chains, disc brakes and compromised seals and boots leave the door open to more extensive (and expensive) CV shaft or even gearbox damage.

The lower body tub of Max ATVs is  a formed sheet of high density plastic.  Vital for flotation, this impermeable, tough and highly durable shield provides the highest levels of protection to occupants and to the entire drive-train – engine, chains, sprockets, bearings, disc brakes – all are contained within the dry protective interior of that body, clear of mud, sand, rocks, and other environmental debris.  Protection, safety, robustness … all implicit.

And that final demon of water crossing – unknown depth – represents no significant challenge to Max.  If the bottom falls away unexpectedly it floats.

Max II Technical Features

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Max IV Technical Features

Buffalo Technical Features