Max T-20

Smooth, Efficient and Effective – Max ATVs use the Borg-Warner designed T-20 skid-steer unit, this was conceived specifically to meet the needs of lightweight, 6×6 all-terrain skid steer systems rather than heavier 8×8 use. The Max T-20 is a quality controlled product (the secret is in the name!) and we arefussy abo

This compound epicyclic-geared steering system does not rely on differential slip, allowing independent control of power and torque to port and starboard wheel-sets, enabling true six-wheel drive with efficient transfer of torque and low braking losses.  The Max T-20 steering box is unique to the Max range and beats anything the competition can do hands-down.  This highly capable steering system offers:

  • Truly Independent Control – [pullquote]the T-20 is two mechanically distinct transmission systems, one for the right side and one for the left[/pullquote]. This allows smooth turns, even from a standing start without uncontrolled transfer of power from one side to the other.
  • Tight, Low-Power Turns. Precision traction control without power bleed and associated surface-tyre damage.

The importance of full-time, non-differential, six-wheel drive cannot be overstated, key benefits include:

  • Full-time drive to all wheels regardless of the surface traction on each wheel – all wheels drive whether any or all of them are on mud, snow, ice or fresh air.
  • No uncontrolled transfer of power between port and starboard wheel sets – a feature that results in “self-steering” in difficult conditions with lesser vehicles.
  • No torque loss when steering – differential steering results in a 50% torque loss on the driven side when steering, requiring a low gear range to compensate and resulting poor low-speed agility.
  • Low shock loading of the drive train – unlike differential steering which doubles the speed to the drive-train whenever steering is occurring.

Try one and see the difference that non-differential steering and drive can make…



The Max T-20 Skid-Steer transmission is currently used exclusively on MAX ATVs, providing unparalleled traction, mobility, and maneuverability. The full list of Max T20 approved fits can be found here

By 2010 it was becoming clear that with heavier and more powerful Max offerings the T-20 was reaching its design limit, and that more radical redesign would be necessary to cope with bigger, heavier and more powerful machines without an increasing incidence early life failures – which is why we at AVT are redesigning many critical features of the T-20 to eliminate failure modes, improve durability and provide a gear-set capable of handling much greater power and torque loads.

In November 2016 Max ATVs discontinued the use of the legacy T20 skid steer transmission in all new-vehicle builds in favour of their greatly improved T-21, T-22 and T-25 skid steer transmission boxes which are designed for greater strength, power, torque and durability. The Max T-20 will remain available as a fully supported product into the future.

The specifications below relate to the original T-20 design*

* These specifications relate to T-20 Steering boxes manufactured and assembled by either Recreatives Industries (prior to 2013) or Agile Vehicle Technologies Ltd (2017 and on) under Max-approved quality control conditions. Units assembled elsewhere may not meet the above specifications.

** Exceeding these values on the T-20 will adversely affect the life of the steering box. For higher torque and power or for use in vehicles exceeding any of the above limits contact AVT for advice.

Gross Vehicle Weight – the total weight of the vehicle, passengers and load including fuel. 

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