Max ATVs are used across a broad range of areas from industrial, public sector to personal, and we offer a comprehensive range of accessories and options to support the following roles:


  • Exploration – enabling ground access to some of the world’s most remote and extreme environments in support of mineral and natural resource exploration
  • Surveying – transportation of geophysical surveying and logging equipment wherever required
  • Seismic surveying – Solid as a rock, make those bangs count!
  • Prospecting – providing the ability to get into areas that have previously been limited to transit only on horseback or by foot  … or even better, have resisted serious exploration
  • Helicopter underslung insertion – Max can be underslung in a variety of configurations, with options for rapid extraction with minimal preparation using ROPS lifting points and hook or sling.  Where distance or difficult terrain precludes timely entry, Max can be readily lifted – either as internal or external cargo – to the most remote and challenging of locations.


  • Power – access to power lines or remote facilities (transformers, switches, links, controllers, monitoring points) and carriage of tools /equipment in remote, difficult to access areas
  • Water – access to remote catchment areas, water management micro hydro facilities, support to reservoir operations requiring flotation and operation across mixed challenging terrain including flood plains, tributaries – inspection and management.  Management of protected habitats within catchment areas.
  • Telecommunications – remote and isolated facility access; communications masts, towers, power systems and cables in remote areas and traversing dominant features or cross-cutting terrain features. Often the only viable solution short of helicopter access, Max readily meet this need, leaving other off road vehicles and UTVs behind
  • Survey – utilities industries need to gain access to all areas when they are planning new infrastructure facilities and the surveying of sites and runs can take them into very difficult terrain which is where Max can be relied on to support such operations
  • Maintenance – access with capacity and reliability.  The last thing you need when performing difficult, remote or challenging maintenance operations is a machine the does not come up to scratch in terms of performance and reliability, dependable terrain crossing or the ability to self-extract.
  • Pipeline maintenance – penetrating terrain and vegetation gone wild, pipeline operations typically require the ability to move men and materiel over extended distances our vehicles offer a range of capabilities suited to and gas pipeline maintenance in remote and hostile environments


  • Exploration – going where no one has gone before is likely to be a challenge.  Getting there is only part of the job, providing best in class performance when there along with the means to get out, get home and report triumphs to eager sponsors are the other important bits.  We have them covered.
  • Surveying and Core Collection
  • Gold Mining
  • Personnel Carrier – Max variants can carry up to 4 personnel in comfort and safety to wherever the expertise or workforce is needed

Land Management

  • Forestry & Agriculture – Max ATVs support numerous roles in forestry management and agricultural environments in which conventional four-by-four or UTVs either cannot be used or cause excessive surface damage
  • Environmental Management – Well suited for use in sensitive areas (National Parks, sites of special scientific interest and nature reserves) in which the very low ground pressure of the Max ATVs minimise or completely avoid damage to the environment
  • Estate Management – estate managers worldwide have found Max ATVs to be invaluable tools for routine estate operations.  These vehicles fully complement their more traditional agricultural partners, providing additional reach and efficient access under the most extreme conditions with the ability to be most effectively exploited where UTVs are not as well suited
  • Phragmite and Reed Bed Management – ability to gain access to wetlands to manage these highly invasive common reeds found worldwide
  • Mosquito Control – Max vehicles can be fitted with tanks and spray equipment for the control of mosquitos in marsh and wetlands

Emergency Services

  • Search & Rescue – access to difficult locations for the treatment and extraction of personnel, minimising the time until first responder attention can be brought to effect and providing dependable, efficient and comfortable extraction capability.
  • Flood & Fire Emergency Medical Services.
  • Hazardous Material Response.  Ability to reach remote areas to deploy chemical containment response from tanks on-board at scene of hazardous material incident.
  • Rolling stock derailment – timely access and provision of critical equipment or emergency supplies to difficult locations alongside track
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Transportation – First Responder & Ambulance.  Entry and exit – role equipment provides the means to reach, support treatment and extraction of casualties
  • Law enforcement – routine patrols or search operations in remote locations – the ability to transport Max ATVs into locations by helicopter for extended operations, together with a range of add-on tools and equipment (radios, surveillance and listening) that further extend the utility of this range of vehicles for law enforcement.

Disaster Response

  • Floods – a duck to water! offering the ability to operate in difficult alluvial muddy waters and disrupted or unstable land during flooding
  • Earthquake – the very low ground pressure of Max ATV, combined with their ability to safely negotiate obstacles and severe gradients make them an invaluable rescue tool in earthquake rescue situations
  • Tsunami – as for flood, though with the ability to traverse debris fields that often represent an impenetrable barrier without heavy lifting equipment, conduct of rescue, humanitarian and support operations in the most extreme conditions
  • Snow & ice storms – operation in extreme conditions.  Very low ground pressures and excellent traction – particularly with tracks fitted – allow these vehicles to traverse loose, soft and loose packed snow, typically able to deal with freshly laid snow and drifts – to depths of up to 6 feet (1.83 m)
  • Tornadoes & Hurricanes.  Extreme weather events cause significant disruption to normal modes of transport, often rendering well established route impassable. These vehicles provide the ability to deal with the unexpected, to get you in or get you out of situations that are beyond more conventional and less flexible vehicle types.

Leisure, Sporting & Media

  • Trial riding – Our vehicles are not just for serious business, they are also the ultimate in serious and safe fun, the structural integrity, stability, traction and protection associated with these vehicles allows you to push the boundaries to experience the  excitement without the risk
  • Exploration – exploring remote and uncharted territory is a buzz, however if you get into difficulties the problem is not yours alone.  Max ATVs allow you to deal with extremes of the unexpected far more effectively than any of their competitors
  • Adventure Tours, Nature spotting and Tours – the extremes are not for everyone, but getting there is safety and comfort is.  Our vehicles offer the opportunity to get where no one else can get, to see what no one else can see, in comfort and safety.  Max make light of difficult going, without fuss or effort, there is no need for challenging terrain to ruin your hair, let alone your day!
  • Hunting and fishing – Max are dependable work horses that will get you in and out of the best hunting and fishing territories, without fuss and without damage
  • Filming and photo-shoot support – you’ve seen the pictures, how did they get there?  We might have helped, if we didn’t, we certainly could have done … avoiding the long hard trek to location, traversal of exhausting slopes and bogs, movement of equipment between film pitches without damaging the grassland over which that vital battle scene is about to be fought, getting the cast where they need to be in good order and good humour … getting the cameraman to within inches of a spotted bogwort … excellent mobility, behind the scenes, making it work.


  • Light weight helicopter deployable
  • Multi-role platform carrier
  • Infantry and infantry supplies carrier in difficult terrain where conventional military vehicles cannot be used


  • Covering all or any of the above.  A choice of vehicle that should be at the heart of any serious ATV rental agency, our Max ATVs offer levels of performance that are a fundamental aspect of rental fleets; safe, robust, dependable, reliable and easy to maintain … not so different to what any other user would expect!